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Vcloud is vMobo's flagship product, a first of its kind Multi-brand Rewards & Privilege Program that empowers retailers and consumers by providing value through a continuous engagement model. Through our unique loyalty platform and by providing best-in class marketing programs and support to retailers, our technology provides an easy way for consumers to engage with merchants, products and brands from their mobile and get access to a world of privileges.

Merchants can acquire, retain, and engage customers by leveraging standard program features such as cross merchant promotions, as well as their own custom campaigns. Our mobile search service provides unmatched flexibility and performance, enabling consumers to discover merchants, promotions, and rewards. Finally, patent pending recommendation technologies deliver values to consumer at the right place and right time.

Consumer can join the Vcloud program, free of charge, and enjoy these exclusive benefits:

  • Access to a large network of premium and luxury retailers across Fashion, Fine Dining, Spas & Salons and Lifestyle.
  • Earn reward stars while shopping at any of our retail partners.
  • Use stars to redeem from a vast selection of quality rewards from any of our partners.
  • Enjoy access to exclusive events and promotions.
  • Check star balance and search for partners and rewards any time, any where using any mobile device.
  • Receive personalized recommendations on the best stores and rewards, at the right place, right time.
  • Experience the highest level of customer service from our concierge team.

Merchants can join the Vcloud network and benefit from these features:

  • Access to a large, high value customer base with deep profiling.
  • Leverage cross merchant promotions to generate highly targeted foot traffic.
  • Retain customers and drive repeat business through the loyalty program.
  • Engage customers with special campaigns and targeted recommendations.
  • Enjoy real time messaging to increase in-store/near-store up-selling.
  • Leverage Vcloud's comprehensive analytics platform to track campaign performance and customer profiles.

Vcloud is built on our scalable cloud-based platform which offers zero upfront cost to merchants, while our performance based business model means merchants only pay when we deliver results.

 Private Label Solutions

vMobo's cloud-based mobile directing marketing platform also offers brands and enterprises private label solutions that fit each customer's specific needs. Leveraging the same patent pending technologies, vMobo offers innovative features such as high performance mobile search, turn-key loyalty program, SMS based services on top of our shortcodes (5667755 in India and 4727 in UAE), and state of the art analytics platform.

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