Good Times launched in September 2007 quickly became India's top-ranked English-language lifestyle television channel - rapidly drawing in its target audience of socially upbeat, well-travelled, cosmopolitan viewers who want to live in style, admire fashion, are adventurous about food and travel and want more out of every moment in life with both back-packing and high flying budgets.

Good Times presented fresh, original programming that gave its viewers mantras on how to enjoy food both highway and Michelin star, find good health through salsa and yoga, fashion on ramps both Indian and global and how to relish travel and luxury from both far and near. The lineup of shows covered every aspect of the lifestyle genre to portray and cater to an increasingly global India.

With the maturing lifestyle space in India at an inflection point, and as pioneers in that space, Good Times has redefined the lifestyle entertainment category codes once again.

In a nutshell, India's oldest lifestyle channel is now it’s youngest. Not just in looks, but even in attitude. Good Times is about lifestyle programs, content and experiences that excite, encourage and incite the Indian youth to live young and live an awesome life on the edge. It presents interesting food, fashion, travel and destination ideas in a language the young and adventurous Indians can enjoy vicariously and learn to do in real life as s/he lives it up and pushes the limits. The programming of the channel is now more impulsive, interactive and action oriented with a younger and edgier attitude. The new logo, icons, idents and a vibrant and dynamic colour palette are a testament to the channels’ continuing evolution as India’s premier lifestyle entertainment destination.

The channel tag-line is #LiveYoung, the only socially integrated tagline in India, which integrates and recognizes social media as a part of the channels’ DNA. It exhorts our viewers to live young, it’s a call to action, it exemplifies what the brand stands for and what it asks of its viewers and consumers. With LiveYoung as the mantra, the channel stays in tune with viewers throughout the week with their dedicated categories such as; ‘Good Night with Good Times’, ‘Good Food with Good Times’, and ‘Good Travel with Good Times.