About us

vMobo is monetizing the explosive convergence of Digital Marketplaces, Digital Payments and Digital Content, targeting one of the fastest growing affluent global market - South Asians. We call them Desis. vMobo owns vClusive, an Omni-Channel Lifestyle Marketplace, VPay, a Fintech product that aggregates all forms of payments, and PanDesi, a North American channel with a daily prime time reach of 30 million people, showcasing Lifestyle content.
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vClusive is an Omni-Channel Network Marketplace targeting the Premium & Luxury Segment – Arguably the Largest Neutral Luxury Marketplace in Asia. vClusive markets Indian Designers & Lifestyle to the rest of the World and International Designers & Lifestyle to the South Asia Market, highlighting Sustainable and Conscious Living fashion and lifestyle products. Our network of offline stores and the online marketplace is fully integrated with payments, logistics and delivery globally.
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PanDesi is a North American channel with a daily prime time reach of 30 million people across the US, targeting the Global Desis (people of South Asian Origin) and the Culturally Open. Lifestyle Content, from our Emmy- award winning team, appeal to the millions of culturally open Americans who have an affinity for Desi Content, a good proportion of whom are well educated, well-travelled and domicile the affluent end of the luxury market spectrum.


vPay is a Fintech product that aggregates all forms of payment into a Single Payments Platform to enable direct payments from any consumer to any merchant. It is device and app agnostic, but can be integrated with any app, & only necessitates a smart phone browser to be able to initiate or make the payment.
The platform allows offline merchants get all the benefits of online payments without the need for them to create any online infrastructure. It is a very secure option with PCI/DSS and TLS 3.0 security protection. vPay has a Payment Gateway integrated with multiple banks and service providers. VPay supports all major Credit Cards, Debit Cards, over 55 NetBanking links, major Wallets and UPI.
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If you would like to explore an opportunity with us, we'd be glad to hear from you. Write to us at hr@vmobo.com and we'll get back to you at the earliest!