Karan Pal Singh

The lead investor in vMobo is Karan Pal Singh who has been director of KJS Ahluwalia group, a diversified company in India with interests in Mining, Real Estate, Hospitality and others. He is also the founder of Hunch Ventures, a venture capital and private equity fund in India with investee companies in both India and the US. Belonging to a new generation of self made entrepreneurs-investors, Karan has been passionate about changing the landscape of start-ups in India engaged in technology, marketing and services. As a dynamic leader, Karan has an aggressive vision for his group of companies.
Karan has a close-knit family who takes pride in his heritage. An ardent foodie and music lover, he seeks adventure and loves to travel.

Rao Arimilli

Rao Arimili has spent 24 years building world-class engineering, product management and marketing teams at startup and public companies. He has held executive positions including CEO of Object-Mart Inc., VP Product Management at ONI Systems, Chairman at Parama Networks and CEO at Softrock Systems, and has served as a key consultant at XenSource and Infinera. His experience encompasses telecommunications and data networking, network and element management systems, software virtualization, rapid software prototyping and application development platforms. Rao spent the first ten years of his career at AT&T Bell Laboratories, where he was a software developer and engineering manager for optical transport and switching systems.
Rao lives with his family in Los Gatos, California.