vMobo is monetizing the explosive convergence of Digital Marketplaces, Digital Payments and Digital Content, targeting one of the fastest growing affluent global market – over 300M South Asians and the Culturally Open. We call them “Desi”

The Global South Asian (Desi) population is the largest ethnic segment after the Chinese and yet they are extremely under-served

vMobo owns vClusive, an Omni-Channel Lifestyle Marketplace, VPay, a Fintech product that aggregates all forms of payments, and PanDesi, a North American channel with a daily prime time reach of 30 million people, showcasing Lifestyle content.

Marketplace – vClusive

vClusive is an Omni-Channel Network Marketplace targeting the Premium & Luxury Segment – Arguably the Largest Neutral Luxury Marketplace in Asia. vClusive markets Indian Designers & Lifestyle to the rest of the World and International Designers & Lifestyle to the South Asia Market, highlighting Sustainable and Conscious Living fashion and lifestyle products. Our network of offline stores and the online marketplace is fully integrated with payments, logistics and delivery globally.

The target audience are called HENRYs (High Earners Not Rich Yet) with a minimum annual disposable income over USD 10,000. This premium lifestyle market size is over USD 150B and growing at a 25% CAGR. vClusive is meeting these consumer’s needs via 300+ premium brand partners that are increasing every month. vClusive alliance partners include Corporates, Luxury Alliance groups, Hotels, Airlines, and Auto Dealerships whereby the company provides membership rewards to their customers.

vClusive includes an online loyalty program with 300,000 members that connects luxury brands with consumers. Members earn credits for each dollar spent. With the extremely low customer acquisition costs of ~$20 per member, rapid growth is expected to continue. And an average member spend of $380 provide for high returns on capital.

Patented Technology

vMobo benefits from the interplay of 4 key patents covering mobile messaging and spending patterns that are utilized to drive recommendations for subsequent purchases within the closed loop network of brands.

Digital Payments – vPay

vPay is a Fintech product from vMobo Inc. that aggregates all forms of payment into a Single Payments Platform to enable direct payments from any consumer to any merchant. There is no need for a device at the Store and there is no need for the Consumer to be present at the Store. The platform allows offline merchants get all the benefits of online payments without the need for them to create any online infrastructure. It is a very secure option with PCI/DSS and TLS 3.0 security protection. It is device and app agnostic but can be integrated with any app and only necessitates a smart phone browser to be able to initiate or make the payment. This has effectively driven costs down for our merchants on these 3 elements, as they are no longer dependent on the hardware, hence they can have as many payment acceptance devices as they choose, users have plethora of choice to make the payment & accounting time & costs associated with it are significantly reduced.

TV / Streaming Assets – PanDesi

PanDesi is a North American channel with a daily prime time reach of 30 million people across the US, targeting the Global Desis (people of South Asian Origin) and the Culturally Open. Lifestyle Content, from our Emmy- award winning team, appeal to the millions of culturally open Americans who have an affinity for Desi Content, a good proportion of whom are well educated, well-travelled and domicile the affluent end of the luxury market spectrum.

The target audience of PanDesi is 10M American Desis and 65M culturally open viewers in North America and a total of 300M globally. Our Lifestyle content has outstanding original shows created by our Emmy winning team a collective 150 years of exceptional performance at top American Networks. And, most importantly, advertisers are starved for a means to utilize the ethnic component of their budgets to access the Desi market. We have 17 shows, including an exclusive partnership with Pro Cricket America and prime time distribution through Dish TV.

Expanding Ecosystem

  • vMobo’s three key business segments in Commerce, Payments and Content feed each other benefits that are producing tremendous results
  • Traditional advertisers now have a Commerce platform to create direct engagement with consumers- with benefits of payments staying in-house
  • Passive TV viewers become active merchandise buyers via the Commerce platform and marketing clients have a media platform that incorporates skip-proof Ads
  • Commerce buyers are guided and influenced with our Content