Vinu Sundaresan

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Vinu has over 25 years of experience in the Telecommunications and Enterprise software industry. He is the Founder of vMobo Inc. Prior to vMobo, he established an IT Data center Software company and was the visionary behind creating the ‘Collation’ software. Collation was acquired by IBM in 2005. As the Vice President of Software Engineering at Covad Communications, Vinu was the company's first software engineering employee. As the man behind the development of the company’s Business Operations Support Systems, he led a team that deployed one of the largest application suites into production enabling a zero-touch service provisioning system.
Prior to Covad, Vinu was Program Director for Development at TCSI where he led the development of distributed management software products for telecom service providers worldwide. Additionally, he has held senior positions at Ascom Nexion, Timeplex and NJIT. As a thought leader, he has written many articles on management systems and holds four patents in the area.
Vinu holds a MSEE from New Jersey Institute of Technology and a BSEE from REC Warangal, India.
Vinu lives in Bangalore, India and Fremont, CA, with his wife and two children. In his spare time he likes to put on the hat of an amateur golfer and a private pilot.

Sapna Nanjappa

Sr. Vice President, Sales Operations & Business Development

Sapna Nanjappa with her extensive passion and experience in the luxury sector has spent over 20 years in the luxury retail business. Her expertise in fashion and lifestyle has gained her a remarkable reputation of a storehouse of in-depth knowledge about the sector in India and across the globe.
Sapna started her career working with Ravissant in Mumbai. She went on to work in Mumbai and Bangalore with mega fashion houses such as Paul Smith, Ferragamo, Ritu Kumar, Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla, among several others. Her journey from managing flagship stores to leading vMobo Inc. as Sr. VP India Sales Operations & Business Development, has empowered her with a holistic sense of the dynamic industry and its ever-changing trends. Her acute interest in Fashion has fueled her drive to understand the industry second to none.
As an empathetic leader she boasts of being a people’s person and has successfully led several teams over the years. As a creative thinker, Sapna has efficiently led several campaigns and continues to identify and design innovative strategies in a vibrant environment.
Sapna lives in Bangalore and is an ardent believer in health and fitness. An avid traveller, she loves to read and go for long walks in her spare time.

Nitin Agarwal

Chief Technology Officer

Nitin Agarwal is an entrepreneur at heart and a passionate techie by choice. With a career expanding over 16 years, he has been building highly scalable consumer focused internet and enterprises products, and businesses which were well ahead of time. Nitin has been enthusiastic about emerging technologies from his childhood. His love for anything tech, made him an early member of the an image similarity search engine in early 2000s which was later acquired by Google. Post, Nitin moved to Adobe.
Bitten by the entrepreneurial bug, Nitin developed a keen interest in food tech and consumer loyalty. This coaxed him to build one of India’s very first food loyalty membership,, in the era when concepts of consumer loyalty programs were unheard of. After successfully running WowDining for over seven years, he moved on to build another enterprise software company. Nitin also co-founded an on-demand flowers delivery App, Floraa.
Nitin lives in Bangalore. He is an IIT Roorkee alumni member.

Vinay Shenoy

Vice President – Marketing & Product Management

A Post-Graduate in Management specialising in Finance and Marketing, he started his 20-year career in Advertising and Direct Marketing with Contract Advertising, Bangalore, managing the BPL Mobile, Maharashtra account during the growth stage of the now all-pervading mobile telephony business. He then moved to Mercedes-Benz India to handle the Marketing Communications portfolio involving events, exhibitions, product launches, including the E-Class and the S-Class sedans all-India. This was his introduction to Sports Marketing, a relatively new concept at the time. It was during this period that he set the ball rolling for Globosport, India's first sports management company owned by a sportsperson, as a co-founder and President.The highlight of his Sports Marketing career was during his two stints at Nike, the world's largest sportswear brand, in India. Sports Marketing initiatives in Cricket, Football, Tennis and Running, redefined these sports in India. A short stint with Yahoo! followed which exposed him the world of New Media.
It was in the year 2007 that he decided to explore the world of Real Estate and this lead him to Asipac Projects, where he applied all his learning and experience to Planning and Marketing of Residential Projects and Planning and Leasing of Malls. The last position he held in his 5 year stint at Asipac Projects was that of Chief Operating Officer. Subsequent stints included spearing forward the Marketing Organisations of two Real Estate Majors, Patel Realty, Mumbai and Mantri Developers, Bangalore. Subsequently, he lent his expertise to SMEs involved in an online art marketplace, India’s first polling mobile app, etc. He returned to Marketing with vMobo Inc. to spearhead the marketing & communications strategy function.
An inveterate realist, he is all about ‘seeing it through’. His credo is Just Do It, backed with 100% planning and 100% instinct. The guiding principle being - If it looks right and feels right, it is right. A gourmand who indulges equally in gourmet cuisine to street food, he believes in the Live to Eat philosophy. He has an eclectic range of pursuits including music, popular literature, animal welfare, organic food and will one day bring all of these under one roof on a farmstead away from the urban sprawl and bustle. Godspeed.